X-Stretch | Stretched Ceilings
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We Are

X-stretch Stretch Ceilings SA brings the magic, the style and the world-class technology of the world’s leading stretch ceiling manufacturer and installer to South Africa.

We Make

Be it an immaculate ceiling for a living room, a starry sky for a home theatre, or a more practical sales venue. Stretch Ceiling is the epitome of quality architecture and an essential interior decoration.

Our Story

Since its inception in France during 1977, X-stretch has extended its operations to over 53 countries around the world and is represented by a network of over 2000 professionals.


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Quality & Assurance

X-stretch is the first ISO 9001:2000 trademark in Stretch Ceilings. Internationally, X-stretch has been awarded with the HQE certificate (High Quality for Environment).
HQE certification is a rigorous process where the product is tested throughout its lifecycle.

X-stretch Stretch Ceilings is unsurpassed in these areas with very little water consumed during manufacture, with made to measure products no components are wasted and X-stretch also generates a very low footprint concerning transportation as 1000m2 of stretch ceiling represents only 200kg to transport.

The X-stretch suppliers are all members of the REACH program, all members’ part of this European program commits to never use any possible hazardous content in their products with a concentration higher than 0.1% of the total mass. The program, which is under very strict control of the European Union, updates the list of hazardous products monthly.


Applications of our stretch Ceilings

Accoustic Improvement

Acoustic qualities are fundamental to a professional context or in a room intended for relaxation. The X-stretch Acoustic operates on three parameters to establish and regulate the sonic characteristics of a space: the density of perforation in the Stretch Ceiling, the choice of insulating material, and its thickness.

Translucent Ceilings

The capacity of X-stretch Stretch Ceilings to transmit light makes it possible to create remarkable atmospheres, either by using natural daylight, or by using other light sources where effects can be controlled, creating variation in intensity, variation in colours, time control or sequencing. From the level and efficient lighting of a doctor’s surgery to the techno atmosphere of a bar.

Bio-Pruf Ceilings

Treated at its core, X-stretch Bio-Pruf acts continuously to prevent the development of bacteria and moulds, on both surfaces. Compliant with the health regulations in force, it is the perfect solution for hospitals, medical laboratories, doctors’ surgeries, the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, clean rooms, catering services and swimming pools.

Airconditioned Ceilings

X-stretch Climaclick combines the benefits of Stretch Ceilings with a system of calibrated air slots which provides ideal circulation throughout the room.