X-Stretch | New Interior Design Trends for Commercial Space
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New Interior Design Trends for Commercial Space

New Interior Design Trends for Commercial Space

New Interior Design Trends for Commercial Space

It’s a little bit of classy and elegant, a little modern, there’s even a touch of rustic chic to it and the PVC Membrane is fast becoming one of the hottest interior design trends today. The joy of this type of membrane is that it can fit into any design concept you might already have in your space whether its country style, vintage, rustic, elegant or classy. Simple and Fuss-free is the overall theme of this style of décor. If you are looking for a way to modify your space and drift away from the old traditional ceiling or wallpaper. Look no further:

What is X-Stretch?

X-Stretch is a PVC membrane which can be easily installed on ceiling or wall.

It comes in a variety of colours and different textures, the different membranes can be used to adapt to your branding needs such as printing a logo, any advertisement designs desired. Any 2D and 3D shapes can be designed, these are supported by a sub-structure.

Any type of graphics can be printed on the membranes whether its gloss, matt, or translucent, you can use the colours of your brand to highlight your brand.

Struggling to hide those imperfections on your wall or ceiling in your commercial space?

X-Stretch is perfectly aesthetic which means it will hide all defects behind an even and uniform surface. The membrane has a 100% memory effect, the membrane will go to its original shape after any accidental deformation example water damage/leaks. It is 100% waterproof and airtight. With X-Stretch you can integrate various types of equipment such as LED Lighting, air conditioning units, cameras, sprinklers, speakers etc.

Health and Maintenance

X-Stretch is both clean and safe, emitting no toxins or smells, it is anti- static and dust-free. It is allergy free and will not grow any mould in humid areas.

You simply need a microfiber cloth, the X-Stretch Ceiling Cleaner and water. Think that too much to worry about? X-Stretch offers a maintenance service to that the ceilings are looked after, the service is also available to remove and re-assemble for Technical Interventions.


You won’t need to bust your wallet when investing in the PVC membrane, it is highly cost effective needing very minimal transport, and no painting needed, no waste or rubble after installation.

Depending on your area, fitting and assembling can be done in a few hours and your premises are available immediately after installation is finished, that means you do not need to close business for long periods of time while renovation are taking place. All that is need is Preparation of the area, installation and you are ready to go.


X-Stretch ceilings come with a 10 year warranty from date of Manufacturing, although if the ceiling was in contact with any sharp objects, chemicals such as vanishes, paint, solvents, adhesives etc. and a change of colour due to nicotine exposure, the warranty will sadly not apply.


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