X-Stretch | Solutions
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Solutions / 3D Ceilings

With no end in options available from shape to design or colour – you are only limited by the boundaries of your own imagination. Select your own exclusive design and watch as your imagination is brought vividly to life. Renovate your home without any furniture removal or rubble.

For an office overhaul, you can integrate any new accessories before or after installation.

Your customers will be spell-bound by the interior of your shop or showroom with our impeccable designs. And create an unmistakable element of comfort in any hotel or restaurant.

  • Air Conditioned Ceilings

    X-stretch Climaclick combines the benefits of Stretch Ceilings with a system of calibrated air slots which provides ideal circulation throughout the room.

  • Acoustic Improvement

    Acoustic qualities are fundamental to a professional context or in a room intended for relaxation. The X-stretch Acoustic operates on three parameters to establish and regulate the sonic characteristics of a space: the density of perforation in the Stretch Ceiling, the choice of insulating material, and its thickness.

  • Translucent Ceilings

    The capacity of X-stretch Stretch Ceilings to transmit light makes it possible to create remarkable atmospheres, either by using natural daylight, or by using other light sources where effects can be controlled, creating variation in intensity, variation in colours, time control or sequencing.